Providence Meadows H.O.A.

News & Events

Please contact us with any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Community Garage Sale:

In collaboration with our adjoining neighborhoods, the community Garage Sale is typically held during early May. Specific dates will be posted here prior.‚Äč

Social Events

Please let us know if you'd like to help organize an event this year!

Crime Watch Alert Program:

If you wish to be notified via email when a crime has been reported in the neighborhood please contact us.

Please remain vigilant of strangers and keep your vehicles, garage doors, and homes locked at all times.

If a crime does occur, or you witness suspicious activity, please call the Butler County Sheriff immediately (Emergency: 911 or non-emergency 785-1300).

Please also notify the Association via the website / email: 

Pond Privacy:

The retention pond in our community along Van Gordon Road is private property shared by the homeowners along its perimeter. No access is allowed unless permitted by a private owner.

Mailbox Maintenance:

For those that need to repaint and/or repair their wooden mailboxes; The Association will provide the stain. If in need of repair, below is a link for parts and installation: Mailbox Help

If you wish to purchase your own stain the brand and color formula is available here: Mailbox Stain

Duke Energy Autopay Review
Just a notice to those that may use autopay through Duke Energy.
A neighbor recently brought to our attention that there was a discrepancy between their monthly Duke bill and what was being withdrawn from their bank account. By comparing monthly bank statements to monthly energy bills for the year, they discovered four separate months of incorrect charges (all overcharges) totaling a significant sum ($$$). Duke was contacted, notes were compared, and reimbursement is now due. Possibly just a software glitch and hopefully, just an isolated incident but it might be worth a second look for those of you that use autopay.

Next Annual Homeowner's Meeting:

Tuesday March 19, 2024 at 7PM

Annual Dues Reminder:

The 2023 assessment is $275

($200 + $75 Special Assessment) per owner 

Due by May 1st.

Please mail these or any late payments to:

Providence Meadows HOA

7076 Darcie Drive

Liberty Twp. OH 45011