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Providence Meadows H.O.A.

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Providence Meadows Subdivision is located in Liberty Township, Ohio and was established in 1999.  Positioned in Butler County and Southwestern Ohio, Liberty Township offers its residents many amenities and conveniences like the exceptional Lakota School System and close proximity to major metropolitan areas offering a variety of cultural, professional, and recreational activities.

As a property owner in Providence Meadows, you are a member in the Providence Meadows HOA, which gives you the responsibility of maintaining the quality of your neighborhood as an attractive and desirable place to live through the understanding and application of our common guidelines and interests. It also gives you a voice to play an active role in the governance of your community with the power to elect or remove the Trustees, amend the governing documents and approve or deny any special assessments.

The Board of Trustees bears the ultimate responsibility for the operation of the Association on behalf of the owners. The role of the Board of Trustees is to set policies, standards, procedures, programs and budget for the Association. The responsibilities of the Board of Trustees are to maintain, protect, preserve, and enhance the common areas and the value of the total community.

This web site was designed to help keep Providence Meadows residents informed and as an individual communication channel.  Providence Meadows Homeowners are encouraged to check the site for upcoming events and other important neighborhood news, suggestions, or ideas in an effort to both maintain and improve the neighborhood we call home.